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Samir Syriani is a Lebanese Film Director and Screen Writer.

Graduating with a full scholarship at 21, his first short film, “To Baalback”, was screened in more than 15 Local and International film festivals, from Germany to Dubai, and awarded Best Short Film at the 18th European Film Festival.

Samir has collaborated with major and up-and-coming singers and performers on Music Videos, attracting media attention and successfully pulling in viewers with fresh aesthetics and insightful storytelling.

He also works with Local and International Brands on Film TV Campaigns and Content Films, winning many awards in the Advertising World. His film for Crepaway, a local dinner, on which he was the Creative Director and Director attracted International attention with a dedicated article on upon its release.

In 2019, he completed the work on his second short film “Contact”, which Internationally premiered at the 49th Edition of Tampere Film Festival, won the special jury mention at the Valletta Film Festival, Honorable mention at the 41th Cairo international film festival, Best national film at the BMFF and will be screened in multiple upcoming international festivals.

Samir is a dog owner, that explains a lot about him too.

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